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An Introduction to Python Objects, using IPython

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These three videos show how objects are used in Python. You can write a lot of code without being especially aware of objects -- until you come to GUI programming: TKInter and especially wxPython. These ShowMeDos will help you make the transition to our wxPython videos.     [SUGGEST  A  ARTICLE]

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Resources referenced in this screencast
  • Python - Programming Language
  • IPython - An enhanced interactive Python
  • An Introduction To Python Objects Using IPython (Part-1)

    If you have written any Python code at all, you have been using objects all along. We use the IPython shell to show how objects and methods work at the most basic level. See here ( for a brief background to objects.

    An Introduction To Python Objects Using IPython (Part-2)

    In this ShowMeDo we show you how to create your own objects and methods, how to get a handle on self and even venture into ... namespaces

    An Introduction To Python Objects Using IPython (Part-3)

    In this final ShowMeDo, we cover the __init__ method, bound vs unbound methods, passing objects by reference, data attributes, and conclude with some recommendations for further self-development